We work for a flat rate of $50/an hour per person. To help you plan your budget, we provide estimates of the overall cost of projects. Knowing what your budget is helps us to create a project that meets your needs and is affordable. We are happy to work with you to bring your project into line with your budget through a variety of strategies such as using alternative technologies and phasing projects. We consider your long-term needs to create a cost strategy that will be affordable now and avoid expensive overhauls  as your needs change.

Generally, the cost to build a complete new website or extensive rebuild of an old website starts at $5,000. We bill large projects in three phases: 1 - Design, 2 - Development, and 3 - Final polishing, testing and go live. The client approves each phase of the project and any changes made after the approval of a phase will be billed extra on a $50 per hour basis. 

We occasionally provide discounts for preferred or new clients. Contact us for more information.

Photos/DSLR Video

See prices for stock photos in our stock collection.

We do assignment photos for $60/hour plus expenses for shooting, assisting, editing and retouching and will provide upfront estimates for assignments. Our fees include pre-production, shooting, and post-oroduction costs.

All photo fees are for one-time rights unless otherwise negotiated. 

For publications or websites with standard rates, we work for the publication rate or will negotiate a fee.