Pint-size storage with a pint-size cost

Posted by Forrest Anderson August 05, 2015

Western Digital backup drives are about the best hard drives money can buy in terms of size, dependability and cost per gigabyte. We have eight of them, use them daily and take them with us all the time as backup for our media assets.

The main ones we use are Western Digital My Passport Ultras, which stores two terabytes of data and currently cost $89-$99 on Amazon, depending on the color.

They are USB 3, so they are fast.

They are portable so we can take them on the road and they don’t require external power. They are powered through the USB connection. Since we need portable equipment that we can take on a plane, on a long car trip or just with us when no one is in the office, we love the fact that all of our backup drives can fit in a small carrying case.  One of these little drives is 3.25 inches by 4 .25 inches by .75 inches. 

We have been using them for several years, and have had only one drive that failed. Western Digital replaced it without cost. The drives have a three-year limited warranty.

Western Digital ranks high in the most crucial features for an external hard drive – reliability, speed, storage capacity, customer support, size, portability, warranty and physical quality.