Wind Supply Chain Map

Posted by Donna Rouviere Anderson December 31, 2015

Wind Supply Chain Map


Rouviere Media designed and developed the Wind Industry Supply Chain Map and Database for the Southeast Wind Coalition in conjunction with developer Christopher Muro. 

This map has three components:

  •  A form that wind industry members use to input information about the services they now provide or can provide for the wind industry. 
  • An interactive, filterable map that shows the location of companies and other organizations that service the wind energy industry in various ways. The map can be changed to a filterable table view that can be output as a PDF report of the companies with information about them.  
  • An educational infographic that shows the various economic sectors that make up the wind energy industry in the Southeastern United States. 

The map is responsive for desktops and tablets, although not for smart phones because it is too complex to scale down to that level properly. It is part of the larger Southeast Wind Coalition website which Rouviere Media also designed and developed. 

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