Website Requirements

Website Requirements

After you have researched a website, the next step in designing and building it is to define its requirements. Requirements are what the website must do to succeed. They enables you to define the product and bridge the gap between your research and design. 

Keep in mind the following general points as you define the requirements:

Be careful about the following issues that can occur in defining requirements:

To generate effective requirements, use these sources:

  Types of requirements you need to define:


Write scenarios – descriptions of a persona’s interaction with the website and its products or services. Begin with a specific situation or triggering event and then describe how the persona interacts with the system from the start of a task to its completion. Explain their motivation and the actions they take and what they achieve. Describe the ideal situation. Describe the persona’s point of view and emotions about the different tasks on the website. Answer the questions of who, what, where, when and how the website will be used. You can include other people who are involved in helping the persona complete a task. Define what data is exchanged, the setting where the website will be used, how long the activity lasts and how frequently it is done and the setting in which the product or service will be used. Define the reason and motivation for doing the task.

Diagram the narrative or use storyboards if necessary to illustrate how it will work.

Consider people’s need to feel confident and professional and to accomplish a variety of tasks.

Business and other requirements

When you have made a list of each of these requirements, you will need to present them to the stakeholders and get their approval. When presenting the requirements to stakeholders, your point is to bring the audience through your thought process to make the case for your requirements list.

Put the requirements in pdf format so that they can be used as a presentation, printed or used throughout the design process.



Present the requirements to your stakeholders in an hour or less. Provide an agenda upfront and show an agenda slide at the start of every section to indicate where you are.

Keep the text on the slides minimal with phrases and bullet lists. 

Answer all questions by referring to your research. 

Try to get approval from stakeholders to proceed to the design stage. 

Future blogs will consider the design process.