Rouviere Media designed and developed an interactive map section that displays projects being carried out by REAP, a renewable energy and historical preservation consulting company based in the Raleigh, North Carolina, area.

Rouviere Media earlier built this responsive design content management website for REAP in addition to creating collateral materials such as a business card and Powerpoint slides.

The company's principal, April Montgomery, asked Rouviere Media to design the site to showcase the business's mission to help communities reap economic value from their existing local resources such as wind energy and historic buildings.

Rouviere Media helped choose the company's name, REAP, which stands for Renewable Energy and Preservation, and worked with April to develop the concept of the website, which is crisp, friendly and community oriented while also efficient and business like.

Because April is a busy professional, we created a website for her that is very efficient for her to add content to. Its backend design enables her to easily add information about new projects to the map. 

Rouviere provided original photography, researched photos or negotiated rights permissions for most of the photos on the site and wrote content based on a variety of materials provided by April. Below are views of REAP's business card.

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Rouviere Media has enhanced thousands of lives through digital media for more than a decade. We have created all or part of more than 100 websites, produced print and e-books and created thousands of fine photographs as well as infographics and graphic designs. As we have expanded into apps, our mission remains the same - connecting the real and digital worlds seamlessly across channels and devices to solve problems and improve lives.

Forrest Anderson

Technical Director, Director of Photography

Forrest is an iOS app developer, web developer and international photojournalist whose pictures have been published in top international publications all over the world.

In web development, he specializes in building robust Bootstrap websites with Wordpress and Expression Engine content management systems. He is skilled in CSS, HTML5 and Javascript.

He speaks Mandarin and is experienced in working in China and Asia.


Donna Rouviere Anderson

Creative Director

Donna is a graphic designer, writer/journalist, and historian, who has created and project managed iOS apps, dozens of websites, six photo-illustrated books and many smaller graphic design projects. She has written hundreds of news stories for major international publications.

She craft's user-friendly apps, websites, books, infographics and illustrations for the general public on complex, significant topics - China and Asia, health, the environment, food and home. She speaks Mandarin.



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