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The No Tomato Cookbook

The No Tomato Cookbook

Donna Rouviere Anderson

Forrest Anderson, Photographer

Tomatoes are ubiquitous, so having a tomato allergy or intolerance is extremely frustrating. The No Tomato Cookbook can help mitigate that pain with more than 250 recipes for easy, delicious tomato-free versions of your favorite foods – pizza, tacos, enchiladas, spaghetti, salads, and much more.

Enjoy your favorite North American, Mexican/Southwest/Hispanic, Italian, and Asian foods all without coming near a tomato. The No Tomato Cookbook gives you the knowledge to prepare delicious tomato-free recipes easily and quickly using common ingredients from your grocery store. It will help you set up your kitchen for ­simple no-tomato cooking.

It’s an all-in-one cookbook to ­help you prepare meals including salads or soups, entrees, sides, breads and desserts using a single recipe source. With hundreds of color photos and an index, the No Tomato Cookbook is the practical tool you need to cope with a tomato allergy or intolerance. 

The No Tomato Cookbook's author, Donna Rouviere Anderson, is a writer and designer with a severe allergy to tomatoes. She has spent more than two decades collecting and curating tomato-free recipes and organizing them into four sections that correspond to North America's favorite cuisines - North American, Mexican/Hispanic/Southwest, Italian, and Asian.

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