Rouviere Media created the website and other branding materials such as presentation templates and business cards for REAP, a Sanford, North Carolina, company that specialized in renewable energy and historic preservation projects. Rouviere Media did the design, logo, branding, and Expression Engine development for the website and then went on to add interactive infographic maps, infographics and special sections over the next decades as the business grew from a startup to a regional company with projects across the Southeastern United States.

This infographic map shows the location of REAP's many projects. 



Rouviere Media also designed and developed the infographic and landowners' form below to offer rural landowners an opportunity to retain ownership of their land and reap value from it by developing solar projects on it. 



REAP's historic preservation projects included restoration of the historic Lutterloh building in downtown Sanford, North Carolina, for residential and commercial purposes. This landing page by Rouviere Media describes the project, including leasing opportunities, and showed the building  in video and photographs.  



This special project page has a 360-degree video and a slide show of photos depicting the building's history.